Hi. I'm Matt Lehrer.

I live in Seattle with my wonderful wife and daughter.

I used to live in New York, and I miss it, but my wife misses it more.

I love technology and entrepreneurship and the way businesses grow.

My work has mostly focused on financial strategy, spending a lot of time in spreadsheets and thinking about how important compound growth is. My work history is on LinkedIn.

I'm really into podcasts and you can listen to my favorite episodes by subscribing to this RSS feed in any podcast app.

I was into Twitter for a while and now prefer lurking on Reddit.

I read a lot of books, mostly from the library. If you haven't tried Libby, you should.

I built a bunch of Alexa Skills for client pitches while at IPG Media Lab which got me excited about getting back into software development. I've since worked on some fun side projects, focusing on backend with Node.

The one project I've made public is Echopig, a service to create a feed of favorite podcast episodes. You can add to the feed directly from a handful of podcast apps and your friends can follow your favorites in whatever podcast app they use.

Please say hi by email.